Thursday, April 29, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday and "Genealogy" Spring Cleaning

If you haven't read the Olive Tree Genealogy post on Spring Cleaning Your Genealogy you should!
OK! I wasn't exactly spring cleaning my Genealogy but I was cleaning and found a Treasure Chest of Genealogy things I had forgotten about having and in some cases I'm not sure I knew about.
Recently we changed to Comcast Internet and had to have them come out to install. If you are like me in order for someone to get near the computer some things have to be cleaned out. So I was going through some things on a bookshelf and found two envelopes full of "Treasures".
In 1986 my husband gave me a Family History Book to record information in and I began my research. The first thing I did was write to two Great Aunts (both are now dead). The letters they sent me with so much information was in my found treasure, I knew the letters were somewhere but didn't know where. I'm so happy to have found them. There were obituary cards for my Grandparents and other relatives.
There was also a wonderful letter written by my mother-in-law to my husband in 1981. She had been to a family reunion and she wrote him about who was there and there was a list of all the people at the reunion.
My husband was in the Army at the time and out of the country. Recently we borrowed some pictures to scan and one of the envelopes had pictures of the 1981 Family Reunion!! WOW! Now we have a list of who was there this will help in putting names on the pictures!

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