Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Newby Family Photo and Another Home of Our Ancestors

This old photo isn't in the best condition as you can see from the scan. There are no names on the photo. One of my cousins said he remembered seeing this many years ago and he thought the baby in the photo was our grandmother, Fay Newby Kelley. It seems sometimes with these old photos it was as much about getting a picture of the house they lived in as it was the people. The people are such a small part of the photo.

I did some editing and zoomed in some so we can see the people better. The man and woman to the left could be D. H. Newby and Jennie Long Newby. I've seen several photos of D. H. Newby and this does look like him. I've only seen one of Jennie so I'm not sure about her. The baby could be anyone except for my cousin thought he remembered this being our Grandmother. The man holding the baby and the child on the right of the photo are a mystery. If I were to guess the man maybe Jennie's father, Moses Long. D. H. Newby's father was already dead when my grandmother was born, or at least we think he was.


Mary said...

I hate it when photos have be left unnamed/unidentified for lack of info. Did your grandmother have any older siblings? Could the child be an older sibling?

Harriet said...

Mary, thanks for stopping by! My grandmother was the oldest in her family so I don't know who the older child in the photo is.