Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lydia Newby Cantrell

Since someone was so kind to put a name on the back of this picture I know this is my Grandmother's sister Lydia Newby Cantrell. The picture has Lydia Cantrell but I'm not sure if she was married at the time the picture was made or if the name was added later.
This next picture was made at the same time, however, there are no names on the back. I don't know who the other lady is in this picture. She does have on a wedding ring, can't tell about Lydia's finger. This could be a friend or cousin. I'm sure this is not my grandmother as I've seen pictures of her from this time period and I don't think she looks like the other sister, Jewell.
This next picture is Lydia in the middle and it looks like the same lady from the previous picture, she is very tall. I don't recall any stories about a female in the family being very tall, so maybe this is a friend. The lady on the left could be another sister Jewell, however, I'm not sure.

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