Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Brother

This is King and Lillie Newby, my Grandmother's brother and his wife. King was born 1894 and died 1971.
They lived in Dayton, Oh. for many years.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

That was a large family, wasn't it Harriet???? You have some great old photos.


lindalee said...

Ha! You have a King and I have a Queen in my family....Queen Frederick. I had to chuckle when I was putting her first name into my Family Tree Maker program and it questioned the name...isn't that a title and not a first

Harriet said...

Yes this was a large family, it must have been fun growing up. I only had one brother. I am so happy that I have these pictures.
It is funny that people used King and Queen as first names. I have GG Grandfather King Newby, Great Uncle King Newby, and a Great Uncle King Wilson, and a Queen Farrell.