Monday, November 14, 2011

November a Month To Be Thankful 11-14-11

November 14, 1981, thirty years ago today my grandfather died. He was a man of few words, calm. We always knew he loved us, he would pinch you and smile and wink.
My grandmother died just 8 months before him, they were married almost 65 years. He missed her so much. He had several small strokes and his mind wasn't clear at times. He would ask my mom "When is you mom coming back home?"  He asked if they had put up the tombstone for my grandmother and mom and I took him to see the tombstone. He seemed happy to know this had been done. He had a stroke the end of October and was in the hospital for 2 weeks before he died.
We took turns staying with him at the hospital. Mom stopped in the gift shop at the hospital several times to pick up something needed. She saw a set of turkey salt and pepper shakers  in the gift shop.
Dad was with her and knew she liked them so he bought them for her. At Thanksgiving we always stop and remember where they came from and think about my grandfather.
I am thankful to have memories of two wonderful grandparents, John and Hattie Ziegler.

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