Monday, December 8, 2008

Genealogy Blogs

I feel like I hit the genealogy blog jackpot this weekend. I'm not sure where I found the Olive Tree Genealogy Blog at but it is a great blog . The posting for Dec. 6,2008 was for WWII records that are available at this link I checked it out and found my dad, my mom's two brothers, and my dad's brother who was killed in March 1945.
There were so many followers and I checked out a lot of them. Then I checked out Facebook Bootcamp for Genea-Bloggers at there were even more followers to check out, more genealogy blogs. This blog has so much helpful information I'm sure I'll use it lots.
Some of the blogs are people who are genealogists or writers. I'll never be either one. It would be easy to stop my blog now. But I'll keep working at it and hopefully improve. What I have wanted from this blog is to record some of the information I have found or others have shared with me and some of the stories about our family.
There were some who were like me just starting out Like Sand Through an Hour Glass at who started about the same time as I did. Someone who is a wife and mother just wanting to record family genealogy.
I haven't even had my family read this blog yet. Guess I better before I get too many postings and they won't be interested in reading them all.

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