Monday, December 15, 2008

Girton / Brumley Union

While doing genealogy research sometimes I wonder how a couple found each other. One such couple is Mary Elizabeth Girton and George Paul Brumley.
Mary Elizabeth Girton is the daughter of John Girton and Mabel Cooke. John was born in Wisconsin and moved to Franklin County, Tn with his family. At some point he moved to Chattanooga, maybe to work, he married Mabel Cooke. They had four daughters Mary Elizabeth, Louise, Helen, and Hazel.
The Brumley's lived in Marion County, Tn around the Aetna Mountain area.
Then one day while looking at the 1920 Census for the Girton family I noticed there was a John Brumley family listed not far from the Girton's. George Paul had a brother named John but based on the age of the John on the Census this would have to be a brother to Seaborn Brumley ( George Paul Brumley's father). So a possible way they found each other was through a relative that lived near the Girton's.

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