Monday, December 15, 2008

My Three Wishes

On several genealogy blogs I have seen My Three Wishes, which is pretty cute.
Three things I wish my ancestors had passed down to me.

Dear Genea-Santa,
l. One picture of each of my ancestors. Would this count as more than one?? I'm going to count as one.
2. Just one of the letters that Jacob Ziegler wrote to his wife Annabelle during the Civil War.
3. A chance to go through the house that my Great grandparents lived in, in North Chattanooga
one more time before it was sold. I got a wooden basket that my great grandfather used in his store but I saw an old wooden box that said Philadelphia Cream Cheese. It was just out of my reach. We went back the next day, I thought my husband could reach it. It was gone!
It is hard to pick only three. There are so many other things I have thought of while typing this.

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