Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Graves relocated by TVA

We have for some time thought that some of my husband's family that lived near the Tennessee River in Marion Co. Tn may have been buried in cemeteries near the River. We know that some of the graves were relocated when the dams were built along the Tennessee River by TVA. We found a link to TVA's listing of the graves relocated by them. http://www.tva.gov/river/landandshore/culturalresources/cemeteries.htm From this you can view in pdf or excel. You may get lucky and find some of your ancestors. The list has the name of the orginal cemetery and the new cemetery where the grave was moved to. There were some that were not moved because the family did not wish to have their ancestor 's grave moved, those are now under the Tennessee River.
We were not lucky in our search there were no Brumley graves moved.
Unless they were moved when the Hale's Bar Dam was built which was before TVA.
These were not included in the TVA list.

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