Monday, December 8, 2008

Wilson Family

The picture is part of the Wilson family, Samuel and Lettie Wilson had 8 children. This is a picture of 5 of the children Kimble, Ella, King in back seated Hattie ( my grandmother) and Anna Lee.
I remember my grandmother saying she thought Ella was the prettiest and she was jealous.
She said that she felt so bad when Ella got really sick (Rheumatic Fever) and died. She was afraid it was her fault. I remember telling her that Ella was pretty but I thought she was the prettiest.
Sometime in the 70's we went to an Edgemon family reunion (Lettie Edgemon Wilson ). My grandmother and her sister Agnes (not pictured) tried to find their sister Ella's grave. I don't know what cemetery we were at when they were searching. I can remember my grandmother saying Ella was buried at Blue Springs. Don't know if that was the cemetery name or the name of the place where the cemetery was. They walked all around and couldn't find it. They thought it was next to a tree and marked with a large rock. It was really sad for them, they really wanted to find their sister's grave.
I always tell my children that it is best to bury family in a large well taken care of cemetery.
My husband and I have tried to set an example by taking our kids to the cemetery where their ancestors are buried.

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