Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Honors Banquet

I post this because I'm a proud mother. My daughter is a senior in high school this year. She has always worked hard in school. I remember in 3rd grade she carried her math book home over the weekend because she didn't finish one problem. A lot of kids would just have gotten that one wrong, done it fast before turning it in on Monday. Not my sweet girl, she did the problem over the weekend and turned in a completed assignment. Dedicated even when it seemed no one but her family noticed.
Her dedication has paid off, she is in the top 10 percent in her class, 3.96 GPA.We went to an Honors Banquet last night for the top 10 percent in each high school in the county. There were 22 young people from her school.
The news media has at times picked on their school (OK, not just their school) but they pick up on every little bad thing that happens in school. These things shouldn't be covered up but they should be fair. I have seen things happen which were covered for Days and the people involved were not even students from the school. They were outsiders coming on the school grounds but the news media ran our school down.
Even the superintendent asked this question, "Where is the news media? Oh, they left! No they were never here!"
I am proud of her and All of the kids at the Banquet last night.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow Harriet, Like mother--like daughter!!!!! I know you are proud of your daughter.. With that average, she should get a scholarship to most any college.. Where is she going??? Does she have any idea what career she wants to pursue yet?

Have a great day.

Harriet said...

She plans to start at UTC and hopes to some day be a Veterinarian.