Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Blizzard?

It seems odd now to write about a Blizzard when it appears spring is here. Spring is here now but in 1993 it was anything but spring. Thanks to Apple http://appledoesntfallfar2.blogspot.com/2009/03/memories-on-monday-blizzard-of-93.html for reminding me I had planned to write about the Great Blizzard of '93.
Our experience wasn't nearly as bad as Apple's.
The Blizzard of '93 even struck Tennessee. We really weren't ready for a storm like that, even a small snow closes our city down. We just don't have the equipment you have up North. We heard it was coming but OH, how many times we hear things like that to wake up to rain or totally nothing.
This was not the case in March '93, we woke on Saturday morning with No Heat! The inside temp was 50 and we had about 10 inches of snow. The high on Saturday or Sunday was in the teens. My husband, daughter(2 at the time) and I put on extra clothes to stay warm. My parents had gas logs installed 2 weeks before so we decided if we could get there we would be OK. Their power was off but they were warm with the gas logs.
Thank goodness we had a snow shovel from our years of living in Mass. My sweet husband went out and cleaned the driveway off. I was pregnant at the time. I packed things while he worked on the driveway. I wasn't sure how much to pack for my daughter, we were puzzled by somethings that were happening with her. We were potty training and when she did wet her diaper she would soak her clothes. She did seem to be drinking a lot.
We made it the 2 miles to Mom and Dad's house. It was SO warm. They had a gas water heater so we were able to get a hot shower. Their power came on late Saturday night. My husband and I went to check on our house on Sunday. We worried about frozen pipes but everything was OK.
Still no power so we stayed another night with my parents. On Monday we found out our power came on late Sunday night.
The mystery with my daughter was solved the next weekend. If we had known what was happening we would have been at the hospital during the blizzard or before. She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We understood all the things that had been happening, drinking more, more wet diapers or going to the potty. No one in our families had Type 1 Diabetes and we didn't know the signs to look for. So our journey of being the parents of a child with Diabetes began.


Apple said...

I'm glad your daughter's condition didn't become dire enough for a trip to the hospital during the storm!

GrannyPam said...

Glad you had a shovel! D3 works at a hardware, and she is amazed every year after the first snow at the number of shovels that the store sells. Her question: "What do people do with them? Do they think it won't snow the next year??"

I hope your daughter is mostly in control of her condition, and is living a productive and confortable

Harriet said...

Thanks for the comments Apple and Granny Pam. My daughter has good control which isn't an easy task.