Thursday, March 26, 2009

Unusual Card

This is an unusual Christmas card, it is another of Aunt Christian's cards. The card is simply a white (at one time white) card with the name printed under Merry Christmas and a picture in the upper left corner. The signature under the picture looks like Louis Rousday, can't tell for sure. The card is from Mary Jane Williams, I guess this is a friend from when Christian lived in New Mexico. To my knowledge there were no Mary Jane's in the Ziegler family that lived in New Mexico.

The card is addressed to Miss Christine Ziegler. I have seen others addressed to Christine however, I believe her given name was Christian. Some of the family called her Cricket, not sure where that nickname came from.

The stamp on the envelope is a 1 1/2 cent George Washington issued in 1932. The stamp has been cancelled Artesia, N. Mex.
there is no date.

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S said...

I believe Cricket is an old nickname for Christine. I read that somewhere but i forgot where now. I believe it's most common in the UK.