Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ziegler Postcards

This is another of the postcards from my Great Aunt Christian Ziegler. I should say that not all of the postcards were Aunt Christian's as some were addressed to her brother and sister-in-law, Harry and Lillie Mae Ziegler. Aunt Christian went to live with Uncle Harry after his wife died in July 1977. Since Uncle Harry and Aunt Lillie Mae never had any children when Uncle Harry died in 1986 everything went to his sister Christian. Some of the postcards I'm sure were Aunt Christian's others I'm sure were Aunt Lillie Mae. Aunt Lillie Mae loved to travel and she made lots of pictures and bought postcards everywhere she went. I don't know what happened to the pictures she made, I'm afraid they may have gone in the trash. Terrible to think "Pictures in the trash".
I guess this one could have been from either one of them. It was never used. On the back it is stamped Made in the U.S.A. and Home Town Series. Aunt Christian lived in New Mexico for a while and as I understand had a boy friend. I like to try to imagine the story behind the postcards and I've wondered if she bought the card to send to him and then changed her mind. The girl on the card does look sad, like someone who misses their true love. Aunt Christian never married.

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