Friday, January 22, 2010

Homes of Our Ancestors

Left to Right: Eska, Jesse, Edgar (my Grandfather), Nancy and Hiram Kelley (my Great Grandparents)
I'm not sure of the date of the photo. The house was built in 1892. Edgar married Faye Newby April 27,1913 and lived in a small house on the property then moved into this house and cared for Hiram and Nancy in their later years. Hiram died in May 30,1928 and Nancy died March 31, 1931. Edgar died in Feb.22.1929. Faye remained in the house and raised her 6 children. She lived in the house until she could no longer live alone when she went to live with her daughter, Bonnie. Fay Newby Kelley lived to be almost 92. This is the house my Grandfather and Father were raised in. It is amazing the house is still standing today. Hiram was a carpenter and according to what I’ve heard built this house. He must have been a good carpenter! Below is a picture of the house as it was in July 2008. Many changes have been made over the years most after my Grandmother died and the house was sold in the mid- 1980's.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gee--it doesn't look at all like the same house, does it, Harriet???? The roof line is different --unless they were taken at different locations around the house.

So your grandfather died before his mother???? Aren't you glad you have all of these old pictures???? Amazing.