Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Went to the Reunion - Well ALMOST!!

Back in the 1970's, as I would tell my kids in the ancient days when I was a teen, my Granny decided she wanted us all to go to the Edgemon Reunion. Granny and PaPa, my Mom and Dad and brother, and I, Aunt and Uncle all went. We were ready for the Reunion which for me would be a totally new experience. We had our food ready, and off we go. I guess it may have taken an hour to get there. We were in front of the Edgemon Cemetery; there was a crowd of people there.

We didn't know during that hour ride what my Granny had been doing. She convinced herself not to go! So when we were in front of the cemetery she announced, "Keep going, don't stop!" Why on earth were we not going to stop! You see my Granny was extremely hard of hearing. She said that there was such a crowd there and all her cousins would be talking to her and she wouldn't be able to hear them. "They will think I'm crazy. I don't want to go."

We went on down the road about a mile and found a little church with a covered picnic area and we stopped and had our very own Reunion there. We had fun, ate and then drove around the area. After a while we went back by the Edgemon Reunion and there were only a few people there, one of which was my Granny's sister. We stopped and saw her and walked around the cemetery.

When we went to the cemetery a few weeks ago, I told my family the story and said the cemetery is just as I remember it from that one visit so many years ago.

It is so sad that she wasn't able to hear and enjoy a visit with cousins. I don't think they would have thought she was crazy but she hated not being able to hear. She and my PaPa were both hard of hearing. My Mom and her brother are both now hard of hearing. My Mom has a hearing aid but her brother won't give in and get a hearing aid. It does help Mom but even with the hearing aid she has trouble.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hearing problems are in my family also, Harriet.. But--neither of my parents were hard-of-hearing. SO--hopefully, I won't have that problem either.

Sorry you all missed the reunion.. Sounds like your Granny was IN CHARGE of the family. Can't believe that you all got there and she said NO... Too bad.

Hope you get to go to one of their reunions sometime.

Harriet said...

Granny was a very sweet lady, I loved spending time with her. She hated not being able to hear. It was sad and funny at times when Granny and PaPa tried to talk to each other. No one could make her go knowing how she felt about not being able to hear.She did at least get to visit with her sister.