Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rebecca Edgemon Dugger 1872-1957

We don't know who the lady on the left is, center is Harden Edgemon, and left is Rebecca Edgemon Dugger.
Harden and Rebecca were siblings of my Great Grandmother (Lettie Edgemon Wilson). In looking at the picture of the Edgemon brothers and sisters I don't see one who looks like the lady on the left so maybe she is Harden's wife?

Above is the obituary for Rebecca Edgemon Dugger, who died in Febuary 1957.

Rebecca Dugger died before I was born. I remember her son Murel Dugger coming to see my Grandmother (Hattie Wilson Ziegler). They would have been first cousins. This was one of the advantages of living next door to my Grandparents, I got to meet all the people who came to see them. At the time I'm sure I didn't enjoy it because I was so shy.

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