Saturday, February 27, 2010

Newby Family Photo

The photo at the top of the blog now is some of the Newby family. I'm sure that the man on the right is my Great Grandfather, David Newby. The lady behind him is his sister Mattie Newby Burdick and her husband, Edwin Burdick, is the man on the far left. I've seen enough pictures of these with names that I know who these three are. The man in the middle a think is my Great Grandfather's brother Thomas Newby, I've seen a few of him that had names and I think this may be Tom. The lady on the far left looks older so I think this could be their mother, Lydia Newby. Since I have not found a photo of her that has a name I can't be for sure. I think that Mattie looks like the older lady. The young boy I think my be my Great Uncle Edwin Newby.
My thinking is that this photo may have been taken sometime around 1916 after my Great Grandmother, Olivia Jane (Jennie) Long Newby died. When she died her son Edwin would have been 7 years old. This could also explain the sad faces.

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