Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogs and Facebook Really Do Help!

I've been excited recently to have been contacted by e-mail and on Facebook by people who found this blog. The first to e-mail me was a Farrell cousin, we share the same Great Great Grandparents, T.L. and Janette Farrell. We have e-mailed several times sharing the information which we have. Which reminds me I need to e-mail her back, things have been busy.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I received a message on Facebook from a lady who found my Kelley information and asked if I would look in the Kelley book for her Kelley relative Eliza Kelley Bonine. I looked through the Kelley book and did not find Eliza , however, somewhere down the line we maybe able to connect her to this Kelley line.

Blogger Carol Wilkerson over at iPentimento/Genealogy and History had posted a couple pictures which I saw on Facebook of Edgemon's from Ten Mile,Tn. area. I left a comment asking if she was related to the Edgemon's. Carol is related in a round about way. I need to spend some more time searching through the Edgemon information for her Morrison connection.

There was also a lady who e-mailed me from a comment I left on RootsWeb several years ago on the Ziegler line. She is related but I need to type out all of the Ziegler information from a book or maybe I can scan it, since I don't have it on the computer. This will take some time also.

So many things to do and so little time to get it done.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

I agree, Harriet.... I don't 'do' Facebook (my choice) --but I have met alot of neat people through blogging who are interested in Genealogy. Through them, I've found some long-lost cousins... SO SPECIAL!!!!